Jerry Byrd

The Master Of Touch And Tone

The Jerry Byrd Steel Guitar Seminar Video

Video tape has been a “boon” to the teacher, in that it is excellent for showing and demonstrating the various techniques of playing.  This is accomplished in this tape with examples such as executing the bar slants – both forward and reverse, properly accurately and quickly.  Also covered is muting (blocking); how to play harmonics; how to play the single-string “P-tah” or back-to-back notes with no “dead air” between them, etc..

Included with the VHS video tape is an audio rhythm recording to accompany a book of tablature, practice exercises and melodies.

DVD with book & CD $65.00 plus $5.00 for U.S. shipping.
Item #BYRD15

This is a real investment in your dream of becoming an exceptional steel guitarist.


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